Food and Training, week 5/2017

MONDAY no training, working from 10 to 18 7.30 Oatmeal (oats, coconut milk, banana, almond butter) topped with berries and  pomegranate seeds, coffee with oat milk 9.30 Small mango smoothie 13.00 Quinoa bowl with fruits and nuts, a few pieces of oat liquorice 16.00 Two mandarines, handful of cashews and raisins, coffee with oat milk... Continue Reading →

Friday Morning Coffee Date #5

Nice to see you again! This week's been a really good one. I've continued the progress with my recovery and "training". Every day I feel a slight bit stronger and the few steps I've been jogging during my walks feel a little bit easier each time. I also went to try  cross country skiing on... Continue Reading →

Some Plans for the Summer

I had some plans made for next summer regarding the mtb races. However, as the situation is what it is with my health and I know my life's going to change quite a lot in the autumn also outside sports, I kind of threw all those plans away. So now I have a calender with blank pages... Continue Reading →

Training week 4 / 2017

Usually, or should I say in my life before myocarditis, I'd have a lot to say about my training and a lot of pics from my trainings. The amount of words and pics seem to go hand in hand with the amount of training -  so extremely little. But just enough for a heart patient.... Continue Reading →

5 * 1

Good morning! Here's a view from my morning walk. Or actually morning walk and jog, as I got the permission to slowly start increasing the volume and the intensity in my "training". Not meaning, as I told yesterday, that I could start training for real, but I get to start walking briskly and even do... Continue Reading →

Friday Morning Coffee Date #4

At the moment, I actually sit in a cafe writing this. Having an actual coffee date. Or date and date, both sitting with computers and I actually should do some work for my work #2. Can't tell you more about this work #2 yet, but when the time is right, you'll all know 🙂 //... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Home

Some of you might know that I love looking at houses and apartments on sale. I could browse through the pictures for hours and the side effect of all the browsing is that I constantly get a cabin fever in this little apartment that I call home at the moment. I would never like to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Meals 3 / 2017

BREAKFASTS Baked oats on several mornings with different toppings like coconut pudding, omelette, smoothie bowls... Started each day the way I like the most - with a good, healthy and big brekkie. LUNCHES Salads, a lunch visit to Date + Kale and to my local little Kahvila Siiri, pasta with greens... SNACKS Smoothies, coffees, golden... Continue Reading →

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