Food and Training, week 5/2017

MONDAY no training, working from 10 to 18 7.30 Oatmeal (oats, coconut milk, banana, almond butter) topped with berries and  pomegranate seeds, coffee with oat milk 9.30 Small mango smoothie 13.00 Quinoa bowl with fruits and nuts, a few pieces of oat liquorice 16.00 Two mandarines, handful of cashews and raisins, coffee with oat milk... Continue Reading →

Weekly Meals 3 / 2017

BREAKFASTS Baked oats on several mornings with different toppings like coconut pudding, omelette, smoothie bowls... Started each day the way I like the most - with a good, healthy and big brekkie. LUNCHES Salads, a lunch visit to Date + Kale and to my local little Kahvila Siiri, pasta with greens... SNACKS Smoothies, coffees, golden... Continue Reading →

Mushroom Pasta

Serves for 2, total time 20min // Kahdelle, valmistusaika 20min Gluten free, dairy free*, vegan* // Gluteeniton, maidoton*, vegaaninen* INGREDIENTS: 200g green lentil pasta // 200g vihreistä linsseistä tehtyä pastaa 200g champignons // 200g herkkusieniä 1 zucchini // 1 kesäkurpitsa 1 onion // 1 sipuli 2dl of oat or soy cuisine cream // 2dl kaura-... Continue Reading →

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

On wednesday I baked these super good vegan chocolate chip cookies with this recipe i found through Rachel Mansfield's Instagram -feed. If you like gluten free, dairy free and vegan recipes for some super delicious desserts or treats, be sure to follow! Makes 9-12 cookies, total time 30min // 9-12 keksiä, valmistusaika 30min Vegan, gluten free, dairy... Continue Reading →

Urban Life on Tuesday

On tuesday I made a little trip Helsinki on my day off work. I had two plans for the day: Go on a urban walk and pop by the coffee shop Kuuma in Punavuori during my walk and go eat lunch in the vegan restaurant / coffee shop DATE+KALE in Kamppi. Ended up doing just... Continue Reading →

Pad Thai

Serves for 4, total time 20min // Neljälle, valmistusaika 20min Gluten free, dairy free, vegan // Gluteeniton, maidoton, vegaaninen INGREDIENTS: Noodles & Veggies 250g rice noodles // 250g riisinuudeleita 250g plain tofu // 250g maustamatonta tofua 1 red pepper sliced // 1 punainen paprika viipaloituna 3 dl carrots shredded // 3dl porkkanoita suikaloituna 4 green onions chopped... Continue Reading →

Weekly Meals 2 / 2017

Breakfasts: Porridges, smoothies and smoothie bowls, eggs, hotel brekkie on sunday... Lots of variation and a lot of yumminess! Lunches: At work and at home. "Yesterday's dinners" and some takeaways as well. Sushi, pasta, noodles... Easy foods. Snacking: Smoothies, raw bars, bowls, baked oats and a new find - coconut&peanut butter! Dinners: Pad thai, pumpkin... Continue Reading →

Oven-Baked Oatmeal

Here's a recipe for something that I made myself as a comfy afterwork dinner today and will eat again as a brekkie tomorrow: oven-baked oatmeal with apples, seeds and nuts. SO GOOD! Serves for 4, total time 1h // Neljälle, valmistusaika 1h Gluten free, dairy free // Gluteeniton, maidoton INGREDIENTS: Oatmeal 5 dl gluten free oats //... Continue Reading →

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