En ny vardag

Having had a quite stable way of living for the past few years, my life changed a lot in the beginning of september.

1. Moving on the other side of the country, to a small town with just a few acquaintances

2. Having no longer a job where someone else tells me exactly the hours when to work, where to work and what to do at work

3. Having no longer the same people around I was so used to having every day at work

4. Adding a new member to the family in the form of the worlds cutest (and wildest?) gordon setter puppy

5. Suddenly feeling so much more adult than before (about time at 30, right)

These past 7 weeks I’ve lived a life of a working nomad, but luckily in a couple of weeks I should again have a real place to work at. An office of my own, inside a shop of almost my own. Looking forward to finally get the doors open at Intersport Kokkola 🙂

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