Autumn training

Well, I haven’t really talked about it that much, but in the end of the summer I got myself a coach. My coach is actually a friend from the cycling world and a team mate, so it was easy to ask for some advice and guiding. I have a bad habit of making myself training plans I can’t follow and then feel really bad about not following them, so I kind of need someone to look after my training although I don’t have such high hopes of results or competing anymore. But I have dreams to fulfill and the first one to come is Vasaloppet in March.

It’s been easy for me to try to follow a plan which is made for my personal needs and my personal schedule. Some of you might wonder why I crossed the brook for water when I would have had an “almost coach of the year” at home, but I think was the right decision to go look for help a bit futher. The past 2,5 months with coach Pettsson have gone well and I’m happy not having to stress about anything.

Here are a few example weeks of what I have been doing lately.

Two weeks in September with a lot of travelling:

Day 1 Rollerskiing 1h30min easy + travelling Kokkola-Helsinki (6h)

Day 2 Easy evening jog 30min

Day 3 am: Rollerskiing 1h before breakfast, pm: strength training 1h10min

Day 4 Morning jog 20min before breakfast + day of work at Helsinki & travelling Helsinki-Järvenpää-Turku (3h30min)

Day 5 am: Rollerskiing 1h10min, pm: strength training 1h

Day 6 Travelling Turku – Helsinki – Oslo – Lillehammer (8h)+ evening jog up and down to Birkebeineren stadion 1h

Day 7 Travelling Lilly – Venabu (2h) + evening jog with poles incl. 6*30s fast 1h15min

Day 8 Hike up to fjell Muen and around 3h15min

Day 9 am: Morning jog 40min + travelling Lilly – Skjolden (4h), pm: Evening jog 55min + core 20min

Day 10 Hike in Skjolden 3h45min

Day 11 am: Morning jog 30min + travelling Skjolden-Lillehammer (4h30min), pm: strength training 1h15min

Day 12: Trail running 2h30min in Lillehammer

Day 13: Morning jog 40min + travelling Lilly – Oslo – Bergen (8h)

Day 14: Morning jog 45min in Bergen

An october week at home:

Day 1 Strength training 1h20min

Day 2 am: Running with poles, incl. 7*30s fast uphill 1h15min, pm: yoga 50min

Day 3 am: Strength training 1h20min, pm: mtb 1h30min

Day 4 am: Easy swim 30min, pm: Running with poles, incl. 7*30s fast uphill 55min + roller skiing 30min

Day 5 Floorball 1h20min + strength training 30min

Day 6 Skiergo 1h + Running with poles 1h10min

Day 7 Easy jog 40min

And to finish it up, some feelings and views from this autumn.

Svartfjellet at Venabygdsfjellet.
“Myra” and autumn colours at Venabygdsfjellet.
Cold and super rainy up in the fjell Muen.
Paradise looks at Skjolden.
Skjolden, Sogn og Fjordane. 
Trip to the forest back at home with Tore. 
Views from the top of fjell Muen. 
Abbortjern pictured during a sunny trail run in Lillehammer. 
Hometown views in Kokkola.
More “myra” at Venabygdsfjellet.
Tore enjoying running wild. 
Birkenloypa -views in Lillehammer.
Myra close to Abbortjern in Lillehammer. 
Urban jogging in Bergen during the UCI 2017 road cycling world champs. 
Most possibly one of the nicest race tourist days ever watching the men’s TT in Bergen up in Mt Floyen. 
Elghufs up Patamäki hill in Kokkola.
Enjoying the coastal views at home. 




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