Puppy takeover

3 weeks ago my world changed. 10kgs of black hair with a lot of speed, will, stubbornnes, intelligence, sweetness and clumsy, long legs arrived. This puppy has the most brown thoughtful eyes I’ve ever seen and it’s paws look three sizes too big for a little baby dog like he is. This little dog loves to steal the toilet brush, shoes and kitchen towels. It also loves eating and sleeping. And it loves running around in the forest at least as much as I do.

So meet Tore (aka Xenaran Lost in Translation). My gordon setter puppy born in July. My future training buddy and newest family member. Gordon setters are hunters, bird dogs, mostly described as alert, confident, interested, fearless, willing and intelligent but also affectionate and intensely loyal to their owners in an attentive, loving environment. Tore already seems to be all of that. In better and in worse.

Pics are from today’s trip to the woods where Tore could enjoy running wild.


3 thoughts on “Puppy takeover

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      1. He’s such a sweetie! Glad to know I haven’t totally lost my dog identification skills. I assumed setter because of the wavy fur on his ears and the shape of his head. He’s gorgeous!


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