Training week 4 / 2017

Usually, or should I say in my life before myocarditis, I’d have a lot to say about my training and a lot of pics from my trainings. The amount of words and pics seem to go hand in hand with the amount of training –  so extremely little. But just enough for a heart patient.

But here it comes, my past week training-wise:




am: Bike ergo test at the hospital, total of 15min cycling

pm: A little walk of 2,6km / 35 minutes


am: Walk with a few short jogging segments 4,2km / 41min. My first steps “running” after getting sick!

pm: Yoga (at home) 31min


am: Yoga (at home) 32min




am: Walk with 5*1min of jogging 2,9km / 29min


am: Walk with 8*30-90s of jogging 3,2km / 29min

pm: Strength training 51min. At the gym for the first time in 2 months!

TOTAL: 4h 23min

walking/running 2h14min, cycling 15min, yoga 1h3min, strength 51min


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